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    % for working days and running sum totals

    Greg Blackshields

      Hi all,

      the attached excel sheet in columns J-L define the answers I'm trying to arrive at within one of my Tableau reports [ using version 7.12 ]

      Changing the revenue values to running totals is fine and works alright but when trying to apply a number of % calculations it seems to be reverting to the normal day revenue for the 5 and not the running total value.

      This I think is the crux of the issue I am having with the % calculations.


      Column J should be the working day running total for the current year value / the final workign day budget value

      Columns K & L should be the % for each day of tghe total[ last working day ] value.


      I'm sure it is something quite simple that I am missing but any help will be appreciated.