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    Change unit in chart dynamically

    Anisha Nair



      I need to allow user to dynamically change the scale used for each chart. For example, they can change whether the unit for a chart is thousands or millions. It seems simple but I am unable to implement this. I have attached the worksheet with the changes that I have done.


      1. My data originally contains only StateProvince dimension and "Value" measure
      2. Created 2 new measures: Value in K and Value in M (to display Value in Thousands and Value in Millions)
      3. Modified "Field Properties" to Thousand and Millions for above measures respectively. Added suffix "K" and "M"
      4. Created 1 parameter - Choose Units (contains dropdown "Thousands" and "Millions" for user to choose)
      5. Created 1 measure: ValueUnit with formula

      case [Choose Unit]                          //parameter name

      WHEN "K" THEN [Value in K]          //display thousand value

      WHEN "M" THEN [Value in M]         //display million value



      Added all this on the worksheet. The values in the X axis change (5 for thousand, 0.5 for Million; when the parameter value is changed) but the Unit does not change. It remains absent.