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    Need consultant to evaluate database and Tableau for performance improvements

    . Kohavi

      Our company has been using Tableau Server for a few years. It is often the right tool, but there's a chance that we're using it beyond what it is meant for.


      The source database is MS-SQL 2008, about 28GB. There are 9 extracts running (ranging from 200 MB to a gig) to build a workbook of about 5.4GB.


      Just opening the workbook takes about 20 seconds. It has about 15 tabs, it takes from 5 to 40 seconds to switch to each. Server is a brand new 8-core box.


      Performance is obviously unacceptable, but we have differing opinions on issues, from database design to filters to calculations. I know there are many recommendations for improving performance, and we've been working through some of them, but we need an independent voice to come in and look at it end-to-end. The fixes could be simple, or simply that we can't expect more given what we are trying to do.


      So, if you are, or know a consulting group that can look at the database and the Tableau, please reach out.