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    Tableau Desktop vs Server Response Time

    Glenn Dow

      I am doing a trial of both products and I have created a workbook in Desktop and loaded about 60 million records to an extract file.  The response from the database is poor so I took this route.  As I move around the dashboard I created with 5 or 6 objects, it takes 7-8 secords to refresh after modifying a filter or clicking on a graph.  I am running this on my laptop with only 3 gig of RAM so I didn't expect lighting response time.  I then published to Server (still not super big, but it has 32 gig RAM), but my response time is the same.  Is this to be expected or did I miss something along the way?


      By going through the browser to the worksheet on the server, what memory resources are actually utillized by Tableau...the laptop or the server?


      Any toughts would be greatly appreciated.