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    Javascript API - how do I filter a date range?

    Rob Graham



      I have a report that has a filter on a datetime column.  The filter is set to filter a range of dates.  I have embedded the report via the viz API and in code I am calling...


      viz.filter({report_time: ["2013-01-01", "2013-01-31"]});


      To attempt to filter the whole of Jan.  It does not appear, however, to be working.  The set of data that comes back is way to small.


      I have also tried many other date formats such as




      1st Jan 2013


      All these fail - the server comes back with an error.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Rob -


          In the version 7 of the API there is no way to do this. You CAN in the soon-to-be-released / radically improved / awesome API which comes with Tableau Server 8.


          In 7, most people approach this problem by building a calculated field with two parameters as inputs. You populate the parameters on the URL or via JavaScript instead of the filters and use the calculated field as a filter


          Param: BeginDate

          Param: EndDate


          MyField: [Date] >= BeginDate AND [Date] <= EndDate


          MyField=True // your filter


          As I recall, all viz.filter() does is place the string &SomeFilterName=SomeValue at the end of the URL that we fire, so I think it'll work equally well for a parameter.


          Good luck!

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            Rob Graham

            Hi Russell,


            Thanks for the reply, I look forward to playing with Tableau 8!


            I've managed to setup the custom filter with the device parameters but unfortunately I still cannot figure out the format of the dates I am supposed to inject.


            The two parameters I have setup (called startDate and endDate) have a format of Date & time which in the current value field shows a format of:


            dd/mm/yyyy HH:MM:ss


            I have tried injecting this as a filter with...


            viz.filter({startDate: "01/01/2013 00:00:00"});

            viz.filter({endDate: "29/01/2013 23:59:59"});


            But I still get "Invalid value in '29/01/2013%2023:59:59' for filter 'endDate'"


            What format should the passed dates be in?





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              Guilherme Toschi



              I found on the Tableau API tutorial:


              return activeSheet.applyRangeFilterAsync(

                "Date (year)",


                min: new Date(Date.UTC(2002, 1, 1)),

                max: new Date(Date.UTC(2008, 12, 31))




              It may help you, helped me!