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    Tableau Feedback on Our Ideas

    Shawn Wallwork

      I posted a version of this over on the Beta Forum, but think it should be a full forums conversation:


      As you know I was at one time the #1 Idea generator. My idea production has fallen off primarily because of the two lists you noted and Jonathan linked to. If you look at these lists you'll note that number of votes has little correlation to, well anything. I talked to Francois about this at TCC12, and he explained that all the things that made it into the Beta were in the works before the Idea section was created. Fair enough, I'll be interested to see how the 9.0 Beta looks.


      In the meantime how about a Tableau Idea counter:


      Tableau Votes.png


      This way any Tableau employee (Sales, training, developers, community managers, etc.) could vote for ideas they think are good ones (or against bad ones). Add all the disclaimers of course, but this would make a bit of a step toward making this more of two-way street, without giving anything away. I'd be thrilled if I could see 5 of the thousands of Tableau employees took an extra second to click the vote ticker. I'd even be thrilled to see -3 votes for an idea. At least that's some feedback.


      If as you say all these Tableau peps are reading all these ideas, why not give them a quick easy way to participate, without making promises of course. Please, please come out from behind the one-way mirror just a bit! Thanks,