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    How to demo a path in a custom map?

    Peter Townsend

      I have created a map of my store as a background image. I have annotated areas and associated appropriate x and y coordinates in the file.

      I know want to demonstrate a path between these points and do not know how to depict this. It seems I cannot create a shape.


      I am trying to depict a customer path through the store as measured by certain antenna reads.

      I have created an antenna path naming sequence but cannot manage to show this on the image?

      Any assistance would be appreciated.

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          Robin Kennedy



          There are a couple of ways to do this... either you set the marks type to a line, and then select a dimension that will order the line (i.e. like a dot-to-dot game) and put that onto the Path shelf - in your case I think the Antenna Time is the correct item to put there.


          A second method would be to set the marks to a circle and put the Antenna time onto the Pages shelf, and turn on the history marks so you can in effect create an animation of the path of the cart as it moves through the store.


          Please see the attached for examples.


          By the way, when you post a workbook onto the forum, please make sure to post a Packaged workbook, rather than a workbook plus the data source. It avoids us having to reconnect the two, plus a packaged workbook also holds any background images and custom shapes etc so I couldn't see your store background.

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            Peter Townsend

            Robin, thank you kindly for your advice, the solution seems to work great.

            First time on the forum so I also appreciate the advice of a packaged workbook- makes sense.


            Given the fact that there is the need to layer on many shopping paths into one view- would there be any way to colour code the paths to create very much like a heat map for the store?

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              Robin Kennedy

              Yes, you can colour code the paths by moving the CART_PLU dimension to the Color shelf, and that will show each cart as a different colour.


              Perhaps what you want though is to colour code how many times each sensor has picked up a cart... in that case, right click on CART_PLU when it is on the Color shelf and select Measure > Count.