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    Data Disappearing with a Date Data Type Filter - Why?


      I have an Excel dataset with two tabs.  The first tab is a list of teachers.  The second tab is a set of demerits they gave.  The tabs are joined via a left join (where the teacher list is the primary table).  I did a basic count of demerits to find which teachers did not assign demerits and this was successful.  However, when I put a date data type filter over the demerits - teachers disappear.  For example, one teacher who gave demerits from January 14 - January 18 stops showing up when the filter is set to January 19.  The null settings are set to show all values (values in range and null) and the teachers with 0 demerits still show up; however, the teachers who don't have demerits in that range do not show up.  Any ideas why that would happen?