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    Losing aliases when publishing to server (using extract)

    Stephan Kratzer

      I'm quite new to tableau and did run into an issue with aliases:


      I have published an SQL data source as an extract to our tableau service. (Incremental) updates are up and running.


      After i created a workbook using this data from the tableau server, i stumbled over some "bad named" elements and setup some aliases for these in the Tableau Desktop using the Data -> |Data Source] -> Edit Aliases... feature.

      This works perfectly fine if i stay "local", but if i (re)publish the workbook, the aliases are gone for everyone using these reports.


      I did read some forum threads indicating the aliases are stored for the extract on the server - but nowhere i found some clues on how i can edit and/or publish these easily ?

      What am i missing ?


      Thanks in advance