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    Include all data from a field even if null

    Terry Eadson



      First ever question so here goes.


      I am currently running a report that shows 2 individual date fields in a process eg.


      Date 1st Scored              QA                       Date sent for Tier 2 <Then various headings>

      1st December 2012          Andrew Wright      1st January 2013


      The QA may not have anything for December 2012 however may have something in the January 2013 section, I run two seperate reports which I want to bring together visually, so I need the report to always list all entries for the QA regardless of the filters and return 0 values if neccesary. I am struggling to do this can anyone help me out.


      May not be all that clear but I have attached the file and refer to the dashboard Tier1vTier2 (very last one)