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    I'd love an easy way to toggle grand totals on and off

    John Munoz

      Hi All,


      I'm unable to find an easy way to toggle grand totals on and off. Sure, I can hit the Analysis, Totals, Show Row Grand Totals or Show Column Grand Totals menus, but that's the software getting in the way of exploration.


      I think a better user experience would be for users to have a button to toggle grand totals on and off. It's often useful to look at the grand total, and then turn it off when I want to get into details and see the trends in the data that makes up the grand total.


      I will submit this as an enhancement request too.


      Is there any workaround to toggle grand totals on and off?



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          Robin Kennedy



          You could get there a bit quicker with Alt+A,O,G or Alt+A,O,T but agreed, a button would be nice.


          In fact, a way to customise the toolbar would be even better!

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            Brian Bieber

            +1 on this for sure! It's so frustrating there isn't an easy way. In a lot of cases my axis is all out of wack if I keep the grand totals, but a lot of people need it for the perspective. Tried doing a separate chart that's just the totals but it doesn't work well on a dashboard.

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              Jon Fox

              I appreciate I am coming to this three years after the original post so things may have moved on, but I have a similar issue that I was searching for an article on and came across this one.


              My requirement is to present a table (not my choice - I'd prefer a viz!) to a large group of users where some of them want to see sub-totals and others do not.  Therefore my preference is to provide choice so individual users can toggle the sub-totals on/off depending on their preference.


              The workaround I have is to duplicate the entire table and have one version with sub-totals and the other without, then to control which table is displayed on the dashboard via a parameter (using the technique covered in this excellent article http://kb.tableau.com/articles/knowledgebase/creating-sheet-selector-for-dashboard).  To the end user this looks and feels like a grand total selection but in reality they are changing the entire sheet that is displayed.


              It's not ideal for performance reasons as all filters are being applied to twice the number of sheets, plus will double the on-going maintenance, so I would be interested to know if anyone has a better solution.

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                Ben Page

                Hi John,


                I've created a workaround that might be of value to you, and it might not. I've created a toggle button to show grand totals without the sheet selector method you listed above. However, it only works for a specific scenario. In my example I hide and show a Grand Total row for Product category in the Superstore data. In order to do this, I've created a modified Product Category field, and simply added "Grand Total" as an entry. It shows basically shows the product categories + "Grand Total" when the toggle shows "On" and only shows the categories when "Off" is selected:

                Category update field.png


                Next, I've created an updated Sales field using LODs and table calcs:

                Sales update field.png

                You could make this more complex depending on the LOD and what you wanted to display in the table. Obviously, you'd have to create a similar calc for whichever metrics you'd want to show. It's not a great solution, but it allows you to use a toggle button with only one worksheet. Let me know if this helps.



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