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    table of contents - remove focus from shape and hide sheet

    Harley Ellenberger

      I want to allow my users to switch between 2 dashboard views.  I've used the KB article (http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/creating-table-contents-navigate-other-dashboards) to set up the dashboard actions.


      Clicking on the shape on each dashboard swaps the views as desired.  In addition to swapping the views I'd like to do 2 additional things...


      1.  I want to remove the focus from the square shape from each sheet.  On the current setup, after the first swap, it takes a double click to switch back and forth between the views.


      2.  I'd like to hide the dashboard tab that's not being used.  So, if I select on the 'show ship' action, the 'salesdash' dashboard is hidden.  Conversely, if I select the 'shipdash' action, the 'salesdash' dashboard is hidden.