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    Filter for Con Data - Not applying




      If seen the values for con is too high in tabular report. I think it is only because of data blending it shows 1,199,546,29.


      Can you please help apply filter for the same. Both data are different sources





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          Joshua Milligan



          What fields are being used to link the data sources together in the view?  I'm not sure if I'm not seeing them because they are cropped out or because they were blanked out.


          I work with sensitive information all the time, so I totally get the need to protect it.  But in this case, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to provide a specific answer without at least being able to see what fields are in play.  Even if you could just save a copy of the workbook and rename every field to "D1", "D2", "M1" etc.. it would be a little more helpful.  Ideally, it'd be great if you could provide some dummy data and post a packaged workbook.



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            The problem is the workbook is a big one and would be difficult to export as twbx.


            To make it understandable I can explain the image that you see.


            The measure values come from two separate queries. One is from con connection and other from Test connection.


            Expected is calculated by multiply another field.


            Now we see the date filter applies to both the Rev and expected values but not to con.Not sure what could be the problem.


            The date is calculated way:


            if [datadate] >= [START DATE] and [datadate] <= [END DATE] then [datadate] end


            I would want to know why con values are not changing on filter change