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    Adrian Mitroescu

      Dear Support,

      I am trying to map countries and cities from a database with more than 200 different locations. When trying to put this on the map, almost half of the cities are not recognized (in some cases not even bigger cities like Torino are not recognized). I have tried both ISO and FIPS and still doesn't work. Also tried with the zip codes instead of cities, but then I get even more unrecognized locations. I also have available X and Y coordinates, but not sure if these can be mapped with Tableau. Also, as I am connected to a live database, if I manually change the cities my changes will not be anyway kept once the new data is extracted from the database.

      Any suggestions?

      Thank you,


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          Chris Tsui

          Hi Adrian,


          I'm not sure what's actually int he default geocodes that come with Tableau but it sounds like you have all the elements nesscary to import some of your own Geocodes as custom as per:



          Not sure if that will help.

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            Andy Piper



            I'm under the impression that US cities with populations of over 15,000 would be recognized. It's likely that this is limit may be similar for other countries. Spelling is also important - Fort Wayne, IN may be recognized, but Ft Wayne, IN may not be.


            Using the custom geocoder process that Chris has suggested may be what you need.



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              Shawn Wallwork

              Adrian, geography isn't always easy.


              For instance the reason your aren't finding a city in Italy spelled "Torino" is because no such city exists. There is a city spelled "Turin" (which is pronounced "Torino") in the administrative area (State) of Piedmont in the country of Italy. (See attached workbook). [Just because Google Maps think Turin is spelled Torino, doesn't make it so.]


              I'm sure similar things are happening with your other unrecognized/unknown locations. I wish Tableau put out a document listing the Country/State/City hierarchy table they are using for all countries. Otherwise you end up having to track down origin of the mistake.


              In the meantime the best source for fairly accurate information is Wikipedia. Search List of Cities in Italy or List Province Of Italy. Good luck.



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                Adrian Mitroescu

                Thanks a lot for all your posts. It is indeed difficult once you have cities which are spelled in their original name (the Italian name for Turin is Torino). In this case I would need to manually change the name to Turin but, as I have a live connection which is updating each day to my dashboard, then I would need to to this daily. The best solution which I found is to use the XY geographical coordinates for Turin and use these to map the city in Tableau.