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    calculated field date

    Francois La Haye

      I have two field which are integer.


      [period] and [yr].


      The period is the actual month.


      How can I create a calculated field which will be the last day of the month??


      Ex  Period 4  yr 2009


      Last day of month 30/04/2009





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          Ivan Monnier



          I crreated a calculated field as follows (I am using a French version dd/mm/yyy, you may have to adapt to your own date format):



          "Mois" and "Annee" are integers whcih correspond to your "period" and "yr".


          Here are the steps

          - I create a date with the 1st day of Mois and Annee.

          - I add one month to this date

          - I substract one day


          With this method I nerver have a problem with 30, 31, 28 or 29 being the last day of the month.


          Best regards

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            Here is calculation that only uses integers.

            Integers perform much better than strings and thus something that might be felt.


            dateadd('day', -1, dateadd('month', [month], dateadd('year', [year] - 1900, #1/1/1900#)))


            Attached workbook version:  Tableau 8.1.7