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    Recursive action


      Is it possible to have the same worksheet for Source and Target when creating an action? I'm looking for a recursive action that can traverse a hierarchy.


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          I didn't form my question correctly --

          Realizing that yes, it's possible to have the same sheet as the Source and Target for the action, can an action be turned into a recursive action on same sheet in order to traverse a hierarchy? I would appreciate any advise on how to accomplish this or any behavior similar to recursive filtering.

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            Robin Kennedy



            It's not completely clear to me what you're trying to achieve here (it may help us to understand if you can post a sample workbook in your question) but it sounds as though you want to allow a user to navigate through your data by using different levels of a hierarchy - e.g. a user clicks on a state and it shows them cities, they click on a city and it shows districts etc.


            A common way to deliver this is to set up the different levels of your hierarchy in different sheets and then combine them on a single dashboard where the views interact with each other.


            If you desperately need to keep it all on one sheet without a dashboard then you may be able to get what you need by simply double clicking a dimension member, which automatically filters the view for that mamber, and then clicking the little + icon in the dimension title part of the view. For this to work you need to have set up your hierarchy in the right order in the data window http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/v6.1/public/online/en-us/Id112990M0LUI.html