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    Domain Padding. Domain Completion.

    Shawn Wallwork

      SUGGESTED TOPIC: What does domain padding mean? What does domain completion mean? How do you accomplish each of these? What are the tricks to get them to work for you, instead of frustrating you?



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          Richard Leeke

          Great idea Shawn. It's a subject that really needs to be de-mystified. I think only Joe has successfully completed the initiation ceremony so far and Jonathan is let close. It's about time someone else joined them.


          What is it on? Just wondering if I can make myself get up in time.

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            Richard Leeke

            You correctly interpreted what I typed and the Samsung Galaxy SIII's pathetic imitation of the Swype keyboard auto-mangled for me. I was sure I had proof-read that - I know I corrected several bits of weirdness,



            The real Swype keyboard doesn't play nicely with the forums software, so I have to switch to the Samsung abomination keyboard every time I want to post on the forums. I'm convinced that the Samsung keyboard swaps in random words even after you've proof-read. Sometimes the words it picks have twice as many letters as what I typed and no letters in common. It is truly dire. I think Samsung must be so gun-shy about patent infringements that they replaced the "auto-correct" feature with "auto-mangle" so that no court could possibly believe that they could have copied it from anyone, on the grounds that nobody else would do it that badly.

            [End of Rant]


            Not sure the participant-dependent registration idea will really work, Shawn - people really need to know what time in order to register. I think those of us in far-flung places just have to accept anti-social times. Is there a standard time, I haven't been able to find anything in the TDT forum?

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              Richard Leeke

              Cool - that works for me - I thought it was about 5am last time I looked at joining one. Thanks.

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                Dustin Smith

                Domain completion, I like it!  We may or may not have already twisted the arm of the infamous Ryan Robitaille to drop some custom SQL wisdom on us for the next go around.  But either way we should do custom domain completion as well.

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                  Tracy Rodgers

                  Sorry for just getting to this. I thought Ryan Robitaille was going to be able to do a presentation on SQL next week, but it fell through.


                  I think this is a great idea as well! Any takers on leading the discussion?