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    Data Blending

    Olga Polyakov

      I am trying to implement the data blending.  I followed the following steps.


      1. I created a master list of student names and student id numbers.  It is simply an excel file with 3 columns.
      2. I mported my first access file for grades. 
      3. I went into Data -> Edit Relationships, and this where I  ran into some stumbling blocks.  I was expecting to match by ID_Number from the excel master  list with that field in Access.  Here is what happened.



      The ID_Number field does not show up in the Primary data  source field column.


      TB - Snip1.jpg



      I thought this might be because ID_Number came in as a Measure instead of a Dimension.  So, I dragged it up to the Dimensions field.


        That solved the problem of the ID_Number not being PrimaryData source, but it changed completely the way that Secondary data source
      looked in the Edit Relationship Custom box.  I did nothing to the Access database import between these two shots except drag the ID_Number up to Dimensions.

      TB - Snip2.jpg




      I tried renaming the field so that it exactly matched the field name that was in the Access file (though my understanding is that it shouldn’t matter if they are named the same because I am manually creating a link between those two fields.  That didn’t change the options available to me in the second column.


      TB - Snip3.jpg


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.


      Thank You,