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    Creating subgroups to view on the same table

    Chaya Gordon Burstyn

      I have list of items which I would like to view as subgroups, divided into seperate categories, on the same table.


      For example if my item list is A, B, C, D, E, F


      I would like to put A, B and D in one group and C, E, and F in a second group and then view them, organized in that matter and with subtotals and then a grand total on the same table.


      I tried to to do it as two different "sets" but I can't put two different sets from the same data field on a single table, it give me no data becuase I think the sets are conflicting (one is saying use only these 3 items and the other is saying use only these 3 items).


      How can I create subgroups?  Doing it as a formula I think would be too involved since it is a long list of items with long names each.


      Thank you.