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    Discussion Topics

    Alexa Strohm

      Thank you for participating in the Tableau User Group!


      We'd like to know what kinds of questions you have and what you would like to discuss in future meetings.

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          Bridget Cogley

          I'd like to get ideas of what folks have done with Tableau.  Samples are always helpful.  I'm trying to improve my end users' experiences with my reports so any tips or tricks of the trade are always helpful.  Member-led training on certain topics may also be handy as I think there's a lot we can teach each other.

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            Jeffrey Line

            I'd like to know how many people have Tableau Server up and running and how they are administering their environment.

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              Alexa Strohm

              Thank you for your suggestion. We are planning on making your question the subject of our upcoming April meeting.

              Could you please share with us in greater detail about how you would like to improve you end user's experience with reports? Some examples might be setting up filters on a dashboard or colors that aren't hurtful to the eye. Also, would you please let us know how long you've been working with Tableau and what you consider to be your level of proficiency, ie: beginner, intermediate, advanced?

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                Alexa Strohm

                Thank you for your feedback. We will certainly look into this subject for our summer user group session!