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    Relative Date for Axis???

    Dan Meier

      I like Tableau's ability to define relative dates for filters (i.e., last 6 months).  I'm charting monthly average data with its corresponding 6-month moving average.  The relative date in the filter let's me define, say, the 12 month range over which I want to view the chart, however, the 6-month moving average chart line doesn't start at the beginning of the filter date, rather 6 months into the range.  The filter restricts the range of the moving average to the 12 month data range.


      I can get what I'm looking for by making the filtered data range larger -- 17 months -- then constraining the X-axis to display only the 12 month range I want.  This allows an adequate data range for the 6-month moving average, and ensures it is displayed as desired along with the monthly average in the very first month of the visible range.


      HOWEVER...  This means that every month when I want to view the past month's data, I have to manually update the X-axis date range, since the capability to edit the axis date range allows only fixed, hard-coded values, not relative dates.  Doing this over a bunch of different charts is very tedious!


      Does anyone know of a way to set a relative date range for an axis?