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    Updating filters when extracts update?

    Mike Greening

      I'm going in circles with this - hoping that the community can lend a hand.


      I've got about two million rows of data, in which there are about 10,000 distinct users, one row for each of the different events they perform.  Each row contains their user ID, along with data in the specific column of the event they performed, and null values in the rest of the columns.


      I'm trying to filter my users based on a specific event - easy enough, I can isolate those users and check only their IDs using "user ID" as a filter to include only those users. However, the next time I refresh my data set, I have to isolate those users again and manually edit my filter.  Considering that there are hundreds of users that I'm isolating, manually searching the list of 10,000 for these users each time I refresh my data is painful.


      I'm sure I'm missing something - can anyone help me create a set of users that I can filter on that updates when I refresh my extract?  I'm sure this involves a calculated field of some kind, I just can't think of how to set it up.