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    Published workbooks can reference networked Excel files, why not data connections?

    Craig Bloodworth

      There appears to be some inconsistencies between how Tableau Server handles connections to networked data files, for instance Excel, when publishing the connection rather than publishing the whole workbook with a live connection.


      A published workbook connected live to a networked Excel file will update with the data source, however if you publish the same live connection to the Data Server it is handled differently. Despite opting NOT to include external files with the published connection Tableau still insists on publishing the source Excel file to a temp directory (Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\temp\[coded folder]\data\Tableau Workbooks\filename.xlsx). This published temp file is then referenced directly meaning a change in the original data source is not reflected in the connection.


      My instinct is to consider this a bug however given that there's methodology behind how the file is published to the server perhaps somebody could explain exactly why this happens?