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    Can create polygon map - but when converting to filled map - it is not working

    Andrew Norris



      Hopefully a simple question. I have a excel sheet file with a geographic area and the necessary lat and longs. I can successfully load and implement on a map (the polygon) and change the colour of the polygon on the map - it seems to work as expected.


      The filled map (show me) is not available. When I change the marks to Filled Map from Polygon. I get each point as an outline - but no Filled Map.


      Clearly Tableau does not like something - just not sure what. Any ideas where I should look?






      It would appear that the filled maps are Tableaus. i.e they work in NEw zealand from Country to Province, but do not go any lower? Is it possible to create your own geocoding hierarchy? If so - can anyone point me to an example Thanks Andrew Message was edited by: Andrew Norris