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    Best Work Laptop for Tableau Use?

    David Peeples

      I wasn't sure where to post this question, so i thought i'd try here. I'm interested in recommendations for best laptops for business use. I'm upgrading my work machine and am curious about recommendations for a replacement.


      Here's the main situation that i need to consider for use:


      - i travel regularly and conduct customer presentations, mainly through Tableau

      - i generally run tableau against data sets stored locally on my machine.

      - for my presentations, i generally am connected to multiple sources and blend data frequently

      - data sets are generally about ~1M records and i may be connecting to 4-5 sets in one tableau work-book

      - since i travel regularly, i'd like to get an ultra-book...but not at the expense of risking performance issues

      - my purchasing dept recommends that i get an HP but i can justify other models/makes if need be

      - i want to avoid mac for multiple reasons, but could be convinced otherwise


      Having said that, any suggestions?


      thanks in advance,