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    calculation in parameter list value

    Harley Ellenberger

      I have a parameter set up that is based on a dimension.  I'd like to add another selection to this dimension that will give me a grand total of all of the selections in the parameter.


      See the 'Media Parameter' in attached workbook.  I want to have the '(All TV)' selection give me a grand total of the values for "Cable TV", "Network TV", "Spot TV", "Span Lang Net TV", and "Syndication"


      The Media Parameter is also used in the MediaCalc calculated field so that I can set this a a local filter on my "Competitive" dashboard.

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          Catherine Rivier


          If I'm reading your question right, this is actually a pretty quick solution!


          Your current parameter-linking calculation looks like it's MediaCalc:

               If [Media]=[MediaParameter] then 'Show'

               Else 'Hide' END


          So just add in this second line here:

               If [Media]=[MediaParameter] then 'Show'

              ElseIf [MediaParameter]='(All TV)' then 'Show'

               Else 'Hide' END


          In other words, everything is set to 'Show' if (All TV) is selected.

          Let me know if this doesn't work, but if I read your question right, I think it should!