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    Tableau Server: "Unable to display view...sheet is invalid."

    Eric Huhn

      I'm having trouble publishing a workbook to Tableau Server and can't figure out the issue.  It uses SQL Server 2008 R2 as the data source.  It works fine on Tableau Desktop, but when I try to publish it and the Results window appears, it shows correctly in the left pane ("Views") but the error message appears in the large pane.  I've read all the related posts on here, and have tried them all.


      Other workbooks against the same tables publish fine, which should rule out SQL permissions or "Run As" issues.

      We've re-installed SQL drivers on all desktops plus the Tableau Server server.


      Like others have suggested, I tried stripping the viz down until it worked.  It finally worked only when I removed a filter containing a Date (NOT a DateTime) field.  When I put the filter back, it failed again.


      Any ideas?  Thanks,