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    The New Search Feature!

    Dustin Smith

      It is near impossible to quickly put our hands on an answer to the exact same question that we know has already been posted!


      Dustin, Ellie, Tableau, if you could fix this one thing, it might save this great forum of ours. If that means dumping Jive, do it!


      Luckily it's not coming to that.   Shawn, thank you for referencing my response to your original post.


      I won't lie, it's been a long day full of frustrations, but every once and a while those days end really well.  Something just landed that I think will make a big difference...




      The above button links to the search feature we've been working on and testing for some time now.  I was notified late this afternoon that the most recent work on it had been completed which, in my estimation, resolved the remaining priority1 errors.  I had hoped to complete additional testing as well as integrate it to other parts of the site before rolling it out, however Shawn's message and the responses in this thread convinced me that it's usefulness out weighed the potential hiccups that are still present.


      It is my sincerest hope that this can serve as a representation of the fact that 1. We are listening, always. 2. We not only hear you, but care very deeply about the issues you've highlighted, and 3. We are working everyday to try and fix the things that are broken and improve the things that are subpar. 




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          Shawn Wallwork

          Dustin, thanks for releasing the new search feature! I branched this so we'll have a clean beginning, and a good place to post questions and results of our experimenting with this new search.


          I did a search on "Richard Leeke" and "Joe Mako", and it seems either there is an 17-18 page limit or there is a cut-off date, some time in late 2011. Is this necessary? Can we go back farther?


          Thanks again getting this to us.




          [Hopefully, we'll both have a less frustrating day today. ]

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            Dustin Smith

            Hi Shawn,


            Appreciate the branch.  Should we leave some indicator in your Fix the Forums List (Deux) thread that I responded with this feature and that their is a conversation happening around it here?


            As for the search going back to late 2011, that would be right around the time we rolled out the new forums.  Obviously we have old posts archived here, but search may not be hitting them right now.  I'll see what I can do on the backend.




            [I'm going to try and see if starting the day with a ****** mary helps. ]

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              Shawn Wallwork

              Dustin, sure but I just did major surgery on that post. So take a look and see what you think as far as linking back goes.



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                Mark Jackson

                You can search for people now!