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    Display values at year end

    Andrew Stevens

      Hi, hope someone can help with this one!

      I have tried looking for an answer, but don't seem able to find anything.


      Attached is a simple workbook, just made up some numbers.

      What I am trying to do is get Tableau to visualise store numbers. In the workbook, I have the number of stores, and the space of these stores for each month of the year. This goes up as new stores are added. What I want Tableau to show me is the number of stores at the end of the year. It defaults to give me a SUM, which I don't want seeing as the number of stores for the year is not the sum of each month. So I can use MAX, which works fine for this example, however if the number of stores were to reduce in a given year, it would't reflect the number at the end of the year, just the maximum.


      At the moment I have tried to keep it simple, by trying to get the number of stores at the end of the calender year, but in reality, i need to be able to set this to a custom month for each year to reflect fiscal/reporting years.


      Quite confusing, but hopefully clear enough for someone.

      Attached is an excel sheet with figures


      Many thanks