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    Why are some users of IE8 getting a run-action unexpected server error when triggering actions while interacting with a Tableau Server dashboard when the vizz works perfectly for other IE8 users?

    Benjamin Pope


      I have vizzes posted to Tableau Server and users running IE8.  The vizzes work fine for most users, but a few users get a run action server error when they attempt to run the actions.   I am thinking it has to be the IE8 settings for the users that get the error.  As clues, the users with this error can not see the quick filters and their F11 full screen mode does not work.  (Function/F11 also does not work) All affected users are on laptops.  All users are running Windows 7.  All users have the same permissions and URL to open the vizzes.  Any thoughts on the IE8 settings?  I am thinking that actions need to be enabled somehow for the affected users.  Thanks and please advise.