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    Error when automatically refreshing a workbook

    altime associates

      Hello all,


      I created an extract, from my datawarehouse, then published it to be automatically refreshed : it works just fine.

      Then I used this extract to create various workbooks, I published these workbooks to be automatically refreshed.


      One of them can not be refreshed.

      I checked the Background Tasks View to see what was wrong.

      Every scheduled task on this workbook fails and the error message is :

      com.tableausoftware.vizql.dll.DataSourceException: SQL Server database error 0x80040E14: Incorrect syntax near DATEPART'.

      SQL Server database error 0x80040E14 : Case expressions may only be nested to level 10.

      Error retrieving collation for [My extract name].[Calculation_6901212151507480].



      In my workbook I created a calculated field to be able to filter data depending on a combination of weekdays and specific hours.

      The formula is using DATEPART.

      The formula is quite long but tableau desktop indicates that the calculation is valid.



      I'm new on Tableau and unable to understand what this error means.

      Someone to help me ?


      Thank you a lot