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    How can I create a data set or a group based on two dimensions?

    mark bologna

      I have a pending workload of invoices that are assigned into 'lanes' (work teams) based on complexity of the work.  Those lanes are:  Core, Express, and Special Ops.  The volume of invoices assigned to Core is very large.  As a result we created two Core teams based on the last two digits of the invoice number.  Core 1 is assigned all invoices  that meet core criteria and end in digits 00-49.  Core 2 is assigned all digits that meet core criteria and end in digits 50-99. 


      Problem is I cannot find a way to group (set, group?) the data so that I can see workload by Core 1, Core 2, Express, and Special Ops.  I keep trying to find a way to tell Tableau that I want these groups:



      Special Ops

      Core 1

      Core 2


      The formula to place an invoice onto the Core teams is something like this: 

      Core 1:  Lane = "Core" AND TD is between 00 and 49

      Core 2:  Lane = "Core" AND TD is between 50 and 99


      I can solve the TD issue by creating two groups within TD; one for 00-49 and another for 50-99. I cannot seem to figure out what to do from there.


      I've added a sample set of dummy data to approximate the workload I am try to assign and visualize in Tableau.  Any help would be appreciated!