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    sort colors in descending frequency order

    Andres Bagnasco



      I am plotting a barchart showing SUM(Number of records) broken down by category and subcategory. Category is in Rows while subcategory is in Color as shown in the attached image.


      I want to display for every bar the subcategory bars sorted from larger to smaller.  The issue I found is sorting applies across the board for the entire dimension, hence if I sort it for the first bar, the others will not necessarily be sorted from higher to lower SUM (Number of records) for every subcategory.


      I have not found a way to isolate the bars so I can sort them manually either.


      Any way if this is possible under Tableau?


      Explanation of chart:  The largest bar is color-sorted by number of records, I want to achieve the same for all of the color bars inside each of teh bars.  For example in the second one the cyan bar (representing a certain subcategory) should be in third place,  but instead it is sorted in the same order as for the first bar.