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    Multiple columns in a chart - labels in the footer?

    Dana Withers

      Hello All,


      I'm very new to Tableau and currently going through the tutorials (replicating them on my pc with Tableau 7).

      About halfway into this one I have a(n unrelated) question: http://www.tableausoftware.com/learn/tutorials/on-demand/advanced-training-parameters

      At 5:32/19:21, we've built a simple chart with Year and Month of Order Date as columns and Sum of Sales as rows. This gives a nice little graph. However I noticed that Year is listed at the top/header of the graph and Month at the bottom/footer.


      Is it possible to display Year in the footer under Month?


      I know that you can format the month to display year as well, but I quite like the grouping. I just want to see the year as a number under the months of jan to dec (just once for the whole group).


      What are the solutions for this ?


      Thanks !