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    How to show reoccuring dates




      I have a question regarding making a calculation to show reoccuring dates based on a frequency measure and a date.

      I am trying to create a standing order visualization that shows the future dates of a reoccuring shipment. The data includes the next date the standing order occurs, and the frequency of occurance.


      In the example workbook, I made a calculation to show the next occurance of a ship date. But it only shows one occurance, and i cant figure out how to make looping calculation that continues until the next_date is > expires_on.


      Its pretty easy to do in vba, to create a while calculation until a condition is met but I don't think tableau supports actual calculations?


      Tried doing a search on this but i didn't find any hits. I'm not sure of the proper diction used in vba/tableau because I learned everything i know from this forum and an excel forum and have not come across this topic in the tableau forums


      If anyone can shed some light on how to make a calculation loop until a condition is met, it would be greatly appreciated.