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    duplicating worksheet, reconnecting new worksheet ONLY to new data connection, without messing up original worksheet data connection

    Dave Araujo

      I was looking for an answer on this question today, and found a post back from Nov 2011, which is now archived, so I can't reply.


      I have a workbook with two connections to duplicate types of data...one is classified SECRET, one is RELEASABLE....


      I'd like to make a worksheet with the connection to  the SECRET data connection, then copy it and reconnect the new sheet to the RELEASABLE worksheet and data connection without affecting the original worksheet.


      I tried the replacing data connection, but then all the SECRET worksheets from the SECRET data connection were all reconnected to the RELEASABLE data connection.


      what's the easiest way to do this without making a blank worksheet, and going back and forth to the original and duplicate?