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    What is the syntax for selecting more than one filtering criteria (similar to pivot tables)?


      Hello there -


      I'm looking to recreate a pivot table-like function in Tableau through a calculated field, but am unable to find the answer in this community discussion. In sum, I want to find the aggregated number of VISITS for users who are in a specific SEGMENT i.e. "Test" AND who also visited a specific DOMAIN i.e. "website1.com."


      Data has following format:



      Test          | website1.com | 35

      Control      | website2.com | 567

      Test          | website2.com | 18

      Test          | website1.com | 842

      Control      | website1.com | 900



      The end goal is to aggregate the different cuts of data and then create an index of TEST v CONTROL for each DOMAIN (example output below).


      Index of TEST v CONTROL for website1.com = 101.23

      Index of TEST v CONTROL for website2.com = 104.47


      Thanks in advance for your help! Let me know if more information is needed.