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    Calculated field - only calculating on rows with complete data or on everything but last "x" rows

    Tatiana K

      (Using Tableau 7)


      As Tableau doesn't have any "For" statements, is anyone aware of how to create a calculated field on a data set that has a complete set of data? or on everything but the last "x" rows?  I'm programming a dashboard that will automatically refresh, and as such the cohorts being used are constantly increasing and changing status (i.e. the more time passes, the more mature cohorts there are).  For part of the forecasting and projections, I need to do calculations using only the mature cohorts, and can't seem to be able to do anything due to the "can't do this with aggregates" error that keeps coming up in the calculated fields.  It's simple, I need the calculations to occur either ONLY on the rows where there are no NULLS (or 0s) or I need it to calculate on everything but the last 5 rows (but those data sets are constantly rolling as the data updates so excluding doesn't help).


      Any suggestions?