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    Compare fact over discrete durations

    Shub Bhowmick



      I am new to Tableau. I have Sales Data by week # by product category. I need a basic dashboard that has the following requirements:


      1. Show discrete sum of sales by product category for current week
      2. Compare with last year same weak (% variance)
      3. Show discrete sum of sales for last 4 weeks combined by product category
      4. Compare with same 4 weeks last year (difference and % variance)


      This needs to be a simple text table with 4 columns (see #1-4 above) and 6 rows (i.e. 1 row for each product category). I can do this in excel using VLOOPKUPs. I am sure there is a way to do this via Tableau which is likely more elegant. Can you please help?


      My week numbers are custom (YYYYWW - e.g 201201, 201212...201252), so can't use the tableau date functions.