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    "Swap" Between State, County, and Zip on the Same Worksheet with odd Data


      Hi all,


      I'm preparing for a future project by using some Census data in a test run. Now, in my case, I just appended data that was at the "Zip code" level with data that is at the "county" level (the odd data I'm talking about). I've figured out some ways to aggregate up from the county level to the state (or zip to the state) so I could create a parameter that allows me to "swap" between the views. I was able to do this using what @Alex Kerin demonstrated over here: http://community.tableau.com/thread/122383


      But, the problem I seem to run into is that my zip code data doesn't have county data. I built in a filter or two to help with this, but this didn't seem to work. How my data is structured may make this impossible, but do you think there are some other things I could do to add "zip" as an additional geographical level to "swap" between to avoid having two tabs.


      Here is my Tableau Public file if anyone wants to help me diagnose (you'll notice I had to create two tabs because I couldn't figure out how to get state, county, and zip on the same level):  http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/Test-FloridaStats/StateandCountyDash