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    "Replace Data Source" faded

    Nelson Deleon

      I have two excel data files, one in excel 2003 and the other in excel 2010. The workbook I am currently using uses the 2003 excel file. I open the workbook that uses the 2003 excel file and then connect to the 2010 excel file. However I cannot replace the 2003 data with the 2010 data because the "Replace Data Source" option under the Data field is faded. I do not understand what I am doing wrong. Any hints would be appreciated. I just bought Tableau so I am using the latest version. Thanks. N. De Leon

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          Shawn Wallwork

          [See below. Better answer.]




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            Robert Morton

            Hi Nelson,

            In order for "Replace data source..." to be available, you must first have two data sources in your workbook. This means that you'll need to connect to both files within Tableau. Additionally you will not be able to retain your calculated fields, because that feature replaces the entire data source and not the underlying data connection. If you wish to simply change your connection from one file to another, choose "Edit connection..." from the data menu.

            I hope this helps,


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              Nelson Deleon

              Robert: Thanks for the comment. I did have two exactly formatted data files on the workbook - one in 2003 and the other in 2010.  I was hoping that switching to the 2010 data would retain my calculated fields. However, if I can't retain my calculated fields and hierarchies then there is not much point in switching data sources for me. I put in a lot of work on those calculations so that is disappointing. Thanks, - Nelson