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    Keep groups intact when refreshing extracts?

    Sai Li

      I have several individual items I'd like to put into groups so that I can put the grouped fields into the color portion of a Tableau report.


      This works fine the first time I set up the "group" field. However, when the workbook's extract refreshes from a MySQL source daily, the calculated field for the groups ceases to exist and subsequently breaks that portion of the workbook.


      Is there something I'm doing wrong with the grouping capability of Tableau? Is it something with how full refreshes of extracts work?


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Shawn Goicoechea

          (I'm using Tableau 8)


          I am having a similar problem, unfortunately for me it seems intermittent because I've refreshed this extract (Excel) and it worked fine for over a month. The last time I refreshed it one of my group fields that I had created ceased to exist giving me the dreaded red exclamation mark.


          Were you able to find a solution to your issue?  I've tried to recreate this issue in a data set, but have not been successful - so I can't actually figure out what is causing me to have this problem.  I just hate the thought that I'd randomly have to remake a bunch of these groups as it sort of defeats the purpose in this example.


          Sorry this isn't an answer!

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            Allison Brown

            Has anyone found an answer to this?

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              Matt Lutton

              My suggestion would be to always use calculations or some other data-driven method for creating your groups.  The ad-hoc groupings in Tableau are not very useful, unless you only plan to use them for a one-time analysis.  Just my two cents, but pretty much any grouping can be created via a calculated field, like (very simple example)


              IF STARTSWITH([Name], "J") then "J Names"

              elseif STARTSWITH([Name], "M") then "M Names"

              etc, etc.