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    Putting a range of numbers in an IF statement

    Chaya Gordon Burstyn

      I need help with a calculation. I want to either put a range of numbers in an IF statment or do an AND in an IF statment.


      Basically, I am trying to create a new Measure that would indicate sale price.  My current calculation for my Measure for 50% off is:


      IF [ITEM_PRICE String]="2.5000" then [Scan Quantity Period] End


      This calcuation is working for me,  however, I do have one "ITEM_Price String"  that is 2.6000 but should also be included.  So I eather need a range in the IF statement where it would be = 2.5000 through 2.6000 or I need an AND or a SUM with a second IF statement that is =2.6000


      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you!