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    Integrate Tableau with Customer-Facing Website

    Sean Mullane

      Does anyone here have experience with integrating Tableau Server into a site for end users to access the vizes? What I'm thinking about would be a website requiring users to log in with a core-licensed server serving up vizes embedded in various pages. I'm interested in particular with how seamless it can be made (e.g. avoiding vizes requested that the user log in) and foolproofing.

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          Joshua Milligan



          I've had some experience doing this and it can be very seamless.  Tableau has great options for user filters, embedding credentials, single sign-one, etc... that can make for a very well integrated solution.  I'd be happy to try to answer any specific questions you might have or point you to the right resources.



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            Corey Turner

            Tableau Server works great for embedding vizes and is pretty easy. Take a look at using Active Directory or Trusted Authentication for single sign on.


            AND Tableau 8 is going to have a MUCH improved javascript api.

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              Sean Mullane

              Thanks. I'm interested to find out more about credentials. What I think would be the most likely setup would be one site on the server with customer-facing vizes and another site on the server with vizes only available on the intranet. Right now we have a basic server installation using AD for user credentials for employees. It would be nice to continue using AD, but I don't know how that would square with giving access to customers. Would using the Guest account be the only option for customers in that case?


              I don't know a whole lot about trusted authentication yet either. I think the most ideal case would be to integrate authentication for the server with the login credentials for our website so users don't see a separate login required for Tableau. Without going into the details of our current login setup (I'm not familiar with it myself), do you think that's possible? In this case would each customer be a separate authorized user?

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                Corey Turner

                Guest account might be an option for customers. They probably don't have an AD account so another option is trusted tickets. If your customers have web accounts you could do an import with tabcmd and create tableau server accounts for each customer and assign to groups accordingly. Once they have a tableau server account you can use trusted authentication.

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                  Sean Mullane

                  Thanks, that sounds very workable.

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                    RZ G

                    Hi Sean,


                    Have you implemented this option?

                    Currently we are planning to implement the custom web portal .

                    We have 120 users we will be viewing the viz from company web portal.

                    If we but license for 120 users or buying license for core tableau server it is expensive.

                    Currently i am investigating on this. Once we embed tableau dashboard to company portal how users will be viz the dashboard with out asking login's.

                    Appreciate your help.




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                      Matt Lutton

                      RZ G As Russell Christopher mentioned in the other thread you opened, it sounds like you're trying to utilize Tableau Server without paying for all of your users (he is a Tableau employee, so his advice should be pretty solid).   Re: Dashboard in company Web portal


                      That just isn't going to work, unless you pay for the named users or Core Licensing.


                      You'll note that Sean mentions that he is using a Core Licensing setup, so this thread is not really relevant to your problem, unless you can pay for core licensing as well.

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                        Sean Mullane



                        I actually left the company I was at before the server was opened up to anyone external, so I'm afraid I don't have any direct experience to share there.


                        As far as getting lots of people access without a core license, your only options are Tableau Public/Online or sharing packaged workbooks.


                        If you do get a core license, you can use a "guest" i.e. anonymous user so that people don't need to log in or you can use single sign-on or trusted authentication with another server to allow people not to have to log in.