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    Multiple Dimensions on single axis / overlay line chart

    Iain Morgan


      I am looking to display several dimensions on a single axis line or scatter chart, please see attached screenshot.


      It is looking at how a project progresses over several years.  The projects are planned years in advance and we want to capture our initial plan (expected and worst case), an updated plan for one year's work (to see what we can expect to achieve in the coming 12+ months), the actual progress along with the latest forecast to complete the project.


      The stepped lines represent progress over time, as each milestone is reached we move up to the next level.  These are high dollar projects and in addition to the 'expected' plan, we also have a 'no later than' plan (estimated allowance for unexpected delays that historical projects have shown can happen) which gives us a range where we can expect to be.


      In the attached sample, the project was planned to start in late 2009 (blue and grey stepped lines), did not start until mid 2011 (purple stepped line) with the latest forecast (dashed purple line) following on from this.  The Year Plan dates are finalised close to project start up and take into account latest information (e.g. changes to workscope).


      Finally, the vertical lines quickly show the date the project is expected to be ready for handover, in this example on the 10th milestone.


      The end result is that we can quickly show a lot of information regarding project dates and milestones on one slide, can Tableau replicate this?  If not, does anyone have a suggestion on an alternative view?




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          Joshua Milligan



          Absolutely Tableau can plot multiple measures on the same axis.  You can have multiple lines, shapes, bars or any mark type using multiple measures.  You can even use different marks for different measures (to overlay a line chart over a bar chart, for example).


          How you get Tableau to do it will depend on

          1. Your data

          2. How you want to visualize your data (and this may change as you explore the data through Tableau).


          If you want to post some sample data in Excel format, then I'm sure you'll get some ideas here in the forums.


          By the way, are you currently using Tableau?


          Multiple Measures.PNG

          Multiple Measures 2.PNG