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    Row Level Security filter problems

    Brian Cronin

      I am trying to follow the instructions on this article to creat manual user filters.  http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/row-level-security-and-user-filters


      I am doing it by user for only a few of our test users we have set up. I'm not trying to automate, merely setting up One user to have access to their defined row in the Tableau Data. 


      After the set is created however and I try to add this set to the filter view as instructed it filters out all data in the view.  Doesn't matter if it is local or global or if context is on or not.  I can't seem to actually get it to filter by rows.  Would it possibly have something to do with Aliases?  I have the same problem whether I use an aliased field or not.  Or am I missing something completely.


      Any help is appreciated!

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Brian.


          Based on this description, it sounds to me that things are actually working - it just may not be clear to you that what you're seeing is "by design":


               I try to add this set to the filter view as instructed it filters out all data in the view. 


          The fact that rows (all rows, in this case) are being hidden indicates the filter is being applied, Did you grant yourself (the user who shows up in the the lower right-hand corner of the Tableau Desktop) permissions to view a set of rows?

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            Brian Cronin



            I should have been a little more specific.  I'll try to toss in a few screenshots.  It's definetly filtering, the problem is it seems to be completely filtering the data for me. 


            Here is the data in the full view:  With my user selected.

            Full View.png

            I then set up the filter using the Server UI:  Server > Create User Filter And it ends up looking like below.  Saying for the user we have set up only show her values to her view.

            Field Rep Filter.png


            However when I apply that set as the filter then change my view to her user im left completely blank:


            I'm not refreshing my filter as user in the bottom right until after the fields blank away as instrcuted on the Knowledge base post, but if I try to switch my view to any of the users I tried to set up the Row Level filter for there is no information showing up.  And I have confirmed they actually have values in those fields that should be filtering to.  So I'm stumped.

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              Russell Christopher

              Hey Brian -


              Did you figure this out? I've been traveling and haven't been able to stop in. Based on your screenshots I don't see anything that would cause this behavior unless the action filter on your filter shelf is somehow getting in the way.


              If you haven't opened up a case with support by now, it might be time to do so. If you want to send me the workbook (assuming it has some safe sample data in it), I'd be happy to take a quick look at it myself - although I may just point you to support


              I've followed you on the tableausoftware.com site, so you'll be able to see my corp email address if you follow me back.