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    Extracts slowing down after first run?

    ernesto debeaumarchais

      I have a bunch of workbooks that are all the same except for what is filtered in them.  They each have one data connection to a SQL view.  They usually would take about two minutes for the data extract to update.  The other day they started taking two hours plus.    If I open a new data connection to the same view in that workbook, it takes about two minutes to connect or refresh.  If I open a new tableau workbook and do the same data connection, it takes about two minutes.  If I try to refresh the data connection on the original one, it takes two hours.  So I thought maybe the extract got corrupted or something like that, so I created a new data connection and replaced the old one with it.  Then I refreshed, and it took two minutes.  The next day I go back to that same data connection, and it takes two hours.  It’s almost like after the first connection something locks up in the workbook?

      I have no idea what it would be.  I’ve optimized the extract, doesn’t change anything.  Selecting from the view in sql takes 30 seconds.  The first time around in tableau the extract takes two minutes.  After that it bogs down for some odd reason.  I’m opening them on my desktop and refreshing the extract from there.

      The extract isn't particulary large, about 65K rows, maybe ten dims and twenty measures.

      The majority of the run time is in the "Disabling extract - executing query" phase.  Although only the second time around.  The first time it starts loading records after 30 seconds or so.

      Does anybody have any idea what could be happening?