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    Database error with Live Teradata data

    Janie Carlisle

      I am writing a custom query to hit against a Teradata database and want to pull live instead of an extract. I get the following error. Database error 0x80040E0C: Command text was not set for the command object. Any ideas?

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          Robert Morton

          Hi Janie,

          This is a strange error. I recommend that you work with our excellent support team to identify and hopefully resolve this problem. They can work with you to collect log files and more details that will help us find a speedy resolution.


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            Tracy Rodgers

            Hi Janie,


            You can send in a support request to support@tableausoftware.com. In order to get a faster response time and have our technicians working on the issue faster, provide them with the following information to start:


            1. Log Files: (http://kb.tableausoftware.com/articles/knowledgebase/sending-tableau-desktop-log-files )


            2. Screen shot of the error message (include the More Details section--if available).


            3. Any additional information you think may be relevant.



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              Janie Carlisle

              Well, it turns out Tableau doesn't like my calculated field in the visualization when it refreshes the live extract. I don't know if this is by design or if it's a bug. Basically, I had to create a date field based on an existing field to parse it correctly in a date format readable by Tableau. It's the field I use to do any date analytics - by quarter, annual deliveries, etc. - so I need it in my visualizations. Is there a workaround to removing the field so I can still use it in the visualizations as live data? I could do an extract but even that would need to be refreshed so I'm sure the same problem would exist. Thanks.

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                Robert Morton

                Hi Janie,


                Our support team can help you work through the details of this problem. It sounds like you are manipulating strings before finally converting to dates, and this can be very sensitive to how well the database can handle ambiguous dates or variations on string representations of dates. When you create an extract, you are relying on the Data Engine to perform this similar computation but it may not have the same approach to converting strings to dates as you see with your live connection.

                One way to work around this problem is to use RAWSQL_DATE in your calculated field to perform your date manipulation using raw Teradata SQL syntax. When you create an extract, Tableau will materialize the results of that RAWSQL calculation since it cannot be evaluated within the Data Engine. This enables you to use the results of your calculation regardless of whether or not you have an extract or live connection.


                I hope this helps,


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                  Janie Carlisle

                  Hi Robert,


                  I have attached a compressed file containing some screenshots of what I see when using my calculated field with the Live connection. It also includes snapshots of the calculation definition and the definition of the field from which it is based. Any assistance will be helpful. I can also paste the custom SQL used to pull in the data if you'd like. Not sure it will help get to the root of the problem; however. Thanks!



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                    Mashhood Syed

                    Hi there,


                    I am trying to write a custom sql statement to TeraData as well and get the same error you got.  The only part that is "custom" is where I filter the date:  WHERE "METER_EVENT_FACT"."Device_Event_Dt" > '2013-03-16'.  I am not sure if my syntax is correct but I tried several different versions (based on a SQL reference from Teradatas website). 


                    Nothing works.  If you have any suggestions for me please let me know.

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                      Hi Janie Carlisle,

                      I am also having the same issue with Teradata. Did this issue get fixed ?

                      If yes please can you explain me how you got solved.


                      Thank you!