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    Axis in scatterplots (dynamic y-axis range to max x-axis)

    Martin Luxhøj

      I have a question regarding axis range. Is it possible to "lock" the axis to the maximum value of the other axis? I guess it has to be a work around but this will suffice.


      I'm asking because if you have for example turnover on the x axis and contribution on the y axis then it would be helpful if the axis with the lowest amount/value dynamically synced with the the one with the largest value. The reason being that this way one would get the correct picture of the slope of the trend in the scatter plot. In this example the slope would indicate the contribution percentage.


      I know this is posted as an Idea here http://community.tableau.com/ideas/1523 but there isn't a solution to the problem posted as a comment to the idea.


      Any help is appreciated.