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    how to expand/collapse a dimension

    Davide Della Rocca

      Hi all,


      does Tableau support a feature to expand/collapse a dimension shown in a dashboard in order to allow user to interact with the dashoard and (dis)aggregate info as needed ?

      E.g. let's suppose a simple graph with one dimension "Region" (with 3 values: Northern, Central and Southern) and the measure "Sales". I'd like to have a feature to collapse the 3 Region values and see the total amount of Sales and viceversa...



      Thanks in advance !




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          Robin Kennedy

          I think what you're talking about here is a hierarchy drilldown -- similar to what you would see when you add a date field to columns or rows; start with Year and then drill into Quarter and then to Months etc.


          You can create custom hierarchies by dragging one dimension ontop of another in the data window (the list of dimensions and measures on the left of the screen). Alternatively, you can select multiple dimensions with the mouse and Ctrl key and the right click and select Create Hierarchy. Now when you add the top level dimension in the hierarchy, you can drill down into the lower level(s) by using the + button on the view.


          In your example, it Region happens to already be the highest level of dimensions and you simply want to see a grand total, try creating a new calculated field, e.g. 'Country' with the formula 'Italy', and add that as your highest level in the hierarchy.


          Hope that helps

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            Hi Robin,


            is there a sample workbook i could refer to to see how the collapse hierarchies are created?